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Latitude 37° 25.89' N
Longitude 122° 06.66' W
Altitude 11 feet
Hardware Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus
Davis Sonic Anemometer
HyQuest TB3 Rain Gauge
PurpleAir PA-II-SD
Interface WeatherLink USB Data Logger
Signal Quality 92%
Tx Battery OK
Console Battery 4.9 V
Server uptime 7 days, 13 hours, 44 minutes
WeeWX uptime 0 days, 13 hours, 58 minutes
WeeWX version 4.8.0
Python version 3.9.2
Host Name charlemagne
Operating System Linux 5.10.0-17-amd64

A Brief History of PaloAltoWeather.com

Present Day Installation

PaloAltoWeather.com Rooftop
Photo: September 23, 2022

Primary Station
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 6163 (right)
Upgraded to Davis Sonic Anemometer (right top)
Upgraded to HyQuest Solutions TB3 Rain Gauge (foreground left)

Secondary Station
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus 6163 (background center)
Upgraded to Davis Sonic Anemometer (background center top)
Upgraded to HyQuest Solutions TB3 Rain Gauge (foreground left)
Standby RainWise Industrial Rain Gauge (background left)

Both Stations Feature
24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
Wind Speed/Direction

RainWise Weather
Station Installed

January 26, 2019
September 18, 2022 (Retired)

RainWise Mark III-LR

Reporting to the
National Weather Service
Begins—Station F4751
March 13, 2019

Click to see this station on NWS.

Goes Live

April 21, 2019

Original PaloAltoWeather.com (re-creation)


July 2019

Click to check out WeatherBoard!

Goes Live

Early August 2019

Raspberry Shake 4D

Infrasound Monitor
Goes Live

Mid August 2019

Infrasound Monitor
Raspberry Boom
RE991, AM Network, Raspberry Shake, S.A.


Mid October 2019

Raspberry Shake 3D
R24AE, AM Network, Raspberry Shake, S.A.

Air Quality Reporting
Goes Live

Late December 2019

PurpleAir sensor
PurpleAir PA-II-SD

Second Weather Station

September 1, 2020 (For Testing)
September 5, 2020 (Designated Primary)
September 18, 2022 (Designated Secondary)

Davis Vantage Pro2™ Plus
Wireless Vantage Pro2™ Plus
Additional Capabilities
24-Hr Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (more accurate readings)
Ultrasonic Anemometer (more accurate windspeed and direction)
On Board UV Sensor
On Board Radiation Sensor
Con: Inferior Rain Gauge—Replaced (see below).

Davis Air Quality Sensor

September 18, 2020 (currently evaluating)

Davis AirLink
Davis AirLink

RainWise Rain
Gauge Installed

October 1, 2020
November 23, 2020 (Retired)

RainWise Rain Gauge
RainWise Rain Gauge
8" diameter collector meets NWS specifications for statistical accuracy.
This rain gauge, in turn, has subsequently been upgraded (see below).

RainWise Industrial
Rain Gauge Installed

November 23, 2020
Standby (Backup) Gauge (September 23, 2022)

RainWise Industrial Rain Gauge
RainWise Industrial Rain Gauge
8.5" diameter collector.
Meets NWS specification for statistical accuracy.

Second Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus
Weather Station Installed

September 17, 2022
September 18, 2022 (Designated Primary)

Davis Vantage Pro2™ Plus

HyQuest Solutions TB3
Rain Gauge Installed

September 17, 2022
September 18, 2022 (Rain Gauge for Primary Weather Station)
September 23, 2022 (Also Serving Secondary Weather Station)

HyQuest Solutions TB3 Rain Gauge
HyQuest Solutions TB3 Rain Gauge
Due to the integrated syphon, the gauge delivers high levels
of accuracy across a broad range of rainfall intensities.

The TB3 Model Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge is recognized as the world standard
for measuring rainfall and precipitation in remote and unattended locations.

With the TB3's dual reed switch, the rain gauge serves
both the primary and secondary weather stations.

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